Animal biosciences

Who We Are

We are a global, pre-commercialization, bio-pharmaceutical company.  We seek to identify compounds and targets to develop therapeutics and supplements for pets, primarily dogs, cats and horses.

Our team is a passionate group of animal health experts working with the latest in biotechnology offerings to enhance the welfare of companion animals.

As part of the Life Biosciences family of companies, we conduct research and focus on developing solutions into aging and age-related diseases.  Our goal is to bring treatments to market in order to improve the quality and healthspan of animal life.



What We Do

Our vision is to be disruptors in the animal health industry, helping animals live healthier and longer lives.  

By developing new compounds for veterinary use and advancing technologies to monitor physical activity and behavior, Animal Biosciences is developing the first proven treatments to reduce the symptoms of aging and extend healthspan in companion animals.



A Member of the Life Biosciences Family

Animal Biosciences is researching new compounds for veterinary use and aims to develop proven treatments to prolong youth and expand the lifespan of our four-legged friends. Animals deserve to be beneficiaries of Life Biosciences sophisticated research.  The company will also gain insights applicable to the work of all Daughter companies. 



Who We Work With

Vets, owners, scientists, manufacturers 

  • We are working with and recruiting the brightest minds in animal health.

  • We are building out a network of scientists, vets, owners and device manufacturers to help us develop best practice solutions to enhance the healthspan of animals we can assist.

  • We also have a number of important partnerships.

    • One of those valued partnerships is with Dinbeat. Dinbeat is a startup company which develops innovative technological products for pets. The company has created the first multi-parameter harness called DinbeatPRO to track pet's health professionally.


Animal Biosciences

75 Park Plaza, Level 3

Boston, MA, 02116


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